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Youth unemployment and social exclusion in Europe

A comparative study

Edited by Torild Hammer


Jul 30, 2003

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Policy Press
Youth unemployment and social exclusion in Europe

This important new book presents the findings of the first comparative study of unemployed youth in Europe using a large and original data set. It addresses some of the key questions around the issue including:

How do young people cope with unemployment?

Does unemployment lead to social exclusion of young people, implying a withdrawal from society, financial deprivation and social isolation?

Drawing on a research sample of over 17000 young unemployed people in ten European countries, the book examines how different welfare strategies and labour market policies in different countries influence the risk of social exclusion among unemployed youth.

"... important and timely." Youth & Policy

"This book, by a team of Europe's leading youth researchers, is a must for anyone with an interest in youth policy. It goes beyond comparing unemployment rates by examining differences in benefit eligibility and levels and the social profiles of the young unemployed. It also identifies the conditions under which youth unemployment is most and least likely to lead to long-term social exclusion." Ken Roberts, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Studies, University of Liverpool, UK

Torild Hammer is a Senior Research Fellow at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Norway.

Contents: Introduction Torild Hammer; Method and research design Jan Carle and Torild Hammer; Unemployment, integration and marginalisation: a comparative perspective on 18-to 24-year-olds in Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Spain Andy Furlong and Fred Cartmel; Processes of marginalisation at work - integration of young people in the labour market through temporary employment Ivan Harsløf; Recurrence of youth unemployment: a longitudinal comparative approach Isabelle Recotillet and Patrick Werquin; Scheme participation and employment outcome of young unemployed people - empirical findings from nine European countries Hans Dietrich; Youth participation in the labour market in Germany, Spain and Sweden Floro Ernesto Caroleo and Francesco Pastore; Surviving unemployment - a question of money or families? Torild Hammer and Ilse Julkunen; Buffers and predictors of mental health problems among unemployed young women in countries with different breadwinner models Ilse Julkunen and Ira Malmberg-Heimonen; Economic hardship, employment status and psychological wellbeing of young people in Europe José Luis Álvaro and Alicia Garrido; Welfare regimes and political activity among unemployed young people Jan Carle; Concluding remarks Torild Hammer.