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Better Partnership Working Complete Set

Edited by Helen Dickinson and Jon Glasby


May 25, 2016

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720 pages


2nd Edition

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Better Partnership Working




198 x 129 mm


Policy Press
Better Partnership Working Complete Set


Designed to be short and easy to use, these books offer practical support to those working in partnership and provide helpful frameworks to make sense of the complexity which partnership working entails. Summarising current policy and research in a detailed but accessible manner, each book provides practical, evidence-based recommendations invaluable for policy and practice.

"Genuine partnerships between agencies are more critical than ever to the delivery of health and social services. Far too many of them have been partnerships in name only, but now the pressure is on for the real thing. This highly authoritative series shows practitioners how it should be done." Mark Ivory, Executive Editor, Community Care

Series editors: Jon Glasby and Helen Dickinson

Jon Glasby is Professor of Health and Social Care at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham. He is also Director of Academic Programmes across the wider School of Public Policy. As a qualified social worker in an NHS setting, he leads a national programme of work to support the integration of adult health and social care.

Helen Dickinson is Associate Professor of Public Governance at the University of Melbourne. She is co-editor of the Journal of Health, Organization and Management and Australian Journal of Public Administration and has worked with government, community organisations and private organisations in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Europe.

Partnership working in health and social care, second edition ~ Jon Glasby and Helen Dickinson;

Working in teams, second edition ~ Kim Jelphs, Helen Dickinson and Robin Miller;

Managing and leading in inter-agency settings, second edition ~ Edward Peck, Helen Dickinson and Gemma Carey;

Evaluating outcomes in health and social care, second edition ~ Helen Dickinson and Janine O’Flynn;

Interprofessional education and training, second edition ~ John Carpenter and Helen Dickinson.