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Connecting with children

Developing working relationships

Edited by Pam Foley and Stephen Leverett


Feb 6, 2008

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312 pages

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Policy Press
Connecting with children

"Connecting with children: developing working relationships" focuses on how adults connect with children and develop supportive relationships. It illustrates how good communication and positive and participative relationships can be developed with children across the range of universal and specialist children's services. The contributors draw on theory, research and practice to enable understanding of why good communication and good relationships are crucial for many important contemporary issues involving children including children's rights, bullying, resilience, participation and transitions.

This book will be essential reading for students, practitioners and academics who wish to further their knowledge of childhood and children's lives and to further develop good practice with children.

"I found the presentation to be simple and free of jargon, and much thought has been given to the layout in order to make the information accessible. While the book has been designed for students of the Open University, I recommend it as having relevance for all practitioners working in this field" Madeleine Henley, Professional Social Work

"The book provides a robust understanding of the theories and research underpinning communication with children and shows how this knowledge can inform practice." Madeleine Henley, Professional Social Work, July 2008

"Working with children and their families is a serious and often complex undertaking for professionals. This book encourages students and practitioners to reflect, within both practical and theoretical perspectives, on the key issues of developing effective communication and participation with children in processes that may significantly affect their lives." Maurice Crozier, educational psychologist

Pam Foley is a Senior Lecturer in the Open University's Faculty of Health and Social Care. She researches and writes in the fields of children's health care policy and practice and children's emotional and social development.

Stephen Leverett is a Lecturer in Children and Young People in the Open University's Faculty of Health and Social Care. He has a professional background in social work and has worked with children in both the voluntary and statutory sector.

Communicating with children ~ Gill Crow, Pam Foley and Stephen Leverett; Developing positive relationships ~ Janet Collins; Positive practice relationships ~ Andy Rixon; Listening across generations ~ Pam Foley; Children's participation ~ Stephen Leverett; Understanding transitions ~ Stephen Leverett; Working with children and transitions ~ Stephen Leverett.