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COVID-19 and Risk

Policy Making in a Global Pandemic

By Andy Alaszewski


5 Mar 2021

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    COVID-19 and Risk

    Risk has emerged as a key mechanism for controlling the future and learning from past misfortunes.

    How did risk influence policy makers’ responses to COVID-19? How will they be judged for their decisions?

    Drawing on case studies from the UK, China, Japan, New Zealand and the US, this original text explores policy responses to COVID-19 through the lens of risk. The book considers how different countries framed the pandemic, categorised their populations and communicated risk. It also evaluates the role of the media, conspiracy theories and hindsight in shaping responses to COVID-19.

    As we reflect on the ‘first wave’, this book offers a vital resource for anticipating future responses to crises.

    Andy Alaszewski is Emeritus Professor of Health Studies at the University of Kent. He is a social scientist who has specialised in the study of health risk and society, and is the founding Editor of the International Journal 'Health, Risk and Society'.


    The Challenge of Foresight: Framing Covid-19

    Being At-Risk: Categorising the Population

    Communicating Risk: The Public Health Messaging

    Pandemic Narratives: Stories about COVID-19 and its Risks

    Contesting Risk: Conspiracy Theories

    Hindsight: Inquires and the Blame Game