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Creating Community-Led and Self-Build Homes

A Guide to Collaborative Practice in the UK

By Martin Field


1 Jun 2020

Page count

128 pages




203 x 127 mm


Policy Press
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1 Jun 2020

Page count

128 pages





Policy Press
£9.99 £7.99You save £2.00 (20%)
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  • Creating Community-Led and Self-Build Homes

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    In Creating Community-Led and Self-Build Homes, Martin Field explores the ways in which people and communities across the UK have been striving to create the homes and neighbourhood communities they want.

    Giving context to contemporary practices in the UK, the book examines ‘self-build housing’ and ‘community-led housing’, discussing the commonalities and distinctions between these in practice, and what could be learned from other initiatives across Europe.

    Looking at both individual methods and ‘models’ of local practice, including cohousing, co-operatives, community land trusts, empty homes and other ‘intentional communities’, the book examines what has constrained such initiatives to date and how future policies and practice might be shaped.

    "Martin Field knows community led housing like the back of his hand. This book is an invaluable, up-to-date overview of the sector, demonstrating that it is a diverse grass roots housing movement, that if given the chance can offer an important alternative to our broken housing market" Bob Colenutt, Oxford Brookes University.

    Dr. Field is engaged in freelance community development on housing and planning initiatives with the public and community sectors. He is an Honorary Associate at the Centre for Comparative Housing Research at De Montfort University, following work as Senior Researcher with the Institute for Urban Affairs and the Collaborative Centre for the Built Environment, both at the University of Northampton. Previously he held senior housing positions in the statutory sector at district and regional levels, plus roles with community bodies and housing associations, and has been a Board member of various national community-led housing bodies.

    Chapter One : The context for community-led practice in the UK;

    1.1. Brief history of CLH practice in the UK;

    1.2. Policy intent and practical results;

    1.3. The accent on ‘affordability’;

    1.4. Contrasts with European practice;

    1.5 Summary;

    Chapter Two – ‘Models’ of UK practice;

    2.1. Self Build & Custom Build;

    2.2. Co-operatives and other ‘mutual’ / ‘tenant management’ bodies

    2.3. Community Land Trusts;

    2.4. Self Help Housing;

    2.5. Cohousing neighbourhoods;

    2.6. ‘Low Impact’ settlements / eco-housing;

    2.7. Intentional communities;

    2.8. Travellers – highways & waterways;

    2.9. Summary;

    Chapter Three – Shaping future practice;

    3.1. Entering the UK mainstream;

    3.2 Business planning within community / self build projects;

    3.3 Strategies for wider action;

    3.4 Concluding comments.