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Sentencing Serious Sex Offenders

How Judges Decide when Discretion is Wide

Addressing a lack of high-quality sentencing information in Ireland, this important book explores the factors that influence judges to impose a sentence of long-term imprisonment in sexual offence cases. The book is designed to be used in the classroom and the court, as well as providing a solid evidence base to inform policy-makers.

Bristol Uni Press

Over-Efficiency in the Lower Criminal Courts

Understanding a Key Problem and How to Fix it

Using real world cases, this book reveals the tendency of magistrates’ courts to prioritise efficiency over substantive justice. Yates offers insights into the ways criminal courts can increase their speediness and cost-effectiveness, whilst upholding social justice and procedural due process.

Bristol Uni Press

Pregnancy and New Motherhood in Prison

This timely book addresses an overlooked area of criminal justice by focusing on the reality of pregnancy and new motherhood in prison. Based on the experiences of women in mother and baby units, it passionately argues the case for minimising harm, making key reading for criminology and midwifery students and researchers.

Policy Press

Observing Justice

Digital Transparency, Openness and Accountability in Criminal Courts

This book examines how major but often under-scrutinised legal, social, and technological developments have affected the transparency and accountability of the criminal justice process. The book proposes a framework for open justice which prioritises public legal education and justice system accountability.

Bristol Uni Press

Policing Environmental Protest

Power and Resistance in Pandemic Times

Addressing the contemporary urban eco-justice movement, this book draws on the case studies of two protest groups in Trento, Italy. Analysing the practices and policing of environmental activism during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, this book identifies directions for future critical and green criminological research in the area.

Bristol Uni Press

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Serious Youth Violence

Whereas crime more generally has fallen over the last 20 years, levels of serious youth violence remain high. This book explores the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and serious youth violence and advocates for a more psychosocial approach to trauma-informed policy and practice within the youth justice system.

Bristol Uni Press

Minority Ethnic Prisoners and the COVID-19 Lockdown

Issues, Impacts and Implications

This insightful book identifies the risks posed by prison lockdowns to minority ethnic prisoners, foreign national prisoners and prisoners from Traveller and Roma communities who are disproportionately represented in prisons across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Bristol Uni Press

Policing the Pandemic

How Public Health Becomes Public Order

Written in the context of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, this book explores why law enforcement responses to a public health emergency are prioritised over welfare provision and what this tells us about the state’s criminal justice institutions.

Policy Press

Ports, Crime and Security

Governing and Policing Seaports in a Changing World

The COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and the US-China trade dispute have heightened interest in the geopolitics and security of modern ports.

Applying a multidisciplinary lens to the political economy of port security, this book presents a unique outlook on the social, economic and political factors that shape organised crime and governance.

Bristol Uni Press

Restorative Justice for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Drawing on interviews with survivors, this book gives a voice to survivors and illuminates how restorative justice processes can meet their justice needs. With a unique focus on the people around the survivor rather than on the abuser, it offers radical solutions for the development of restorative justice programs and policy initiatives.

Policy Press

Participation in Courts and Tribunals

Concepts, Realities and Aspirations

This significant study reveals how participation is supported in the courts and tribunals of England and Wales. Including reflections on changes to the justice system as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it details the socio-structural, environmental, procedural, cultural and personal factors which constrain it.

Bristol Uni Press

Maternal Imprisonment and Family Life

From the Caregiver's Perspective

Exploring the untold experiences of family members and friends caring for the children of female prisoners in England and Wales, this book analyses the complex challenges of the ‘family sentence’ they serve and the realities of their disenfranchised status in society, policy and practice.

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