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Policy Press and the European Social Work Research Association

The European Social Work Research Association (ESWRA) is the central hub for social work research, development, collaboration and exchange across Europe. Its central aim is to promote the development, practice and utilization of social work research across Europe, and beyond, to enhance knowledge about social problems and to promote just and equitable societies.

Policy Press is proud to partner with ESWRA to publish the Research in Social Work series. We produce high-quality, research-based monographs examining the most current, progressive and innovative research on social work in Europe.

Our Research in Social Work series furthers the shared aim of ESWRA and Policy Press, enhancing the capacity and learning opportunities of the global social work community and providing a vehicle for the very latest research to influence the development of social work research, policy and practice globally. It offers essential reading for academics, practitioners, researchers and upper-level students across the field.

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