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Faith-Based Organisations and Exclusion in European Cities

Edited by Justin Beaumont and Paul Cloke


Oct 3, 2012

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272 pages




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Policy Press
Faith-Based Organisations and Exclusion in European Cities

At a time of heightened neoliberal globalisation and crisis, welfare state retrenchment and desecularisation of society, amid uniquely European controversies over immigration, integration and religious-based radicalism, this timely book explores the role played by faith-based organisations (FBOs), which are growing in importance in the provision of social services in the European context.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the contributions to the volume present original research examples and a pan-European perspective to assess the role of FBOs in combating poverty and various expressions of exclusion and social distress in cities across Europe.

This significant and highly topical volume should become a vital reference source for the burgeoning number of studies that are likely follow and will make essential reading for students and academics in social policy, sociology, geography, politics, urban studies and theology/ religious studies.

“Faith-based organisations and exclusion in European cities is an anthology that is geared especially for those interested in learning about the concepts and practices of FBOs throughout Europe (and how what can be learned from them may be generalised in other regions), as well as those interested in advancing research in the field” – Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

"Very accessible and well written...it will make a timely addition to libraries across Europe" Journal of Church and State

"Social science can no longer ignore the power of faith and the faithful. Beaumont and Cloke's collection provides rich insight into the ways in which religion is remaking everyday life in European cities today." Jane Wills, Queen Mary, University of London

Justin Beaumont is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen in The Netherlands. He has developed new enquires on social interventions within postsecular cities, as well as faith-based organizations and social justice in urban areas. His articles appear in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Urban Studies, Environment and Planning A, Space and Polity, Area and TESG.

Paul Cloke is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Exeter, UK. Over the last decade he has been involved in research that takes a new look geographies of ethics, focusing in particular on responses to homelessness, the new politics of ethical consumption and the growing significance of faith-based or theo-ethics in contemporary society. Paul is currently engaged in research on postsecularism and faith-based interventions in a range of social and caring arenas.

Preface ~ Ram Cnaan; Introduction to the study of fbos and exclusion in European cities ~ Justin Beaumont and Paul Cloke; Part one: Defining relations of FBOs: State-religion relations and welfare regimes in Europe ~ José Romanillos, Justin Beaumont and Mustafa ŞenState-religion; Spaces of postsecular engagement in cities ~ Agatha Herman, Justin Beaumont, Paul Cloke and Andres Walliser; FBOS, urban governance and welfare state retrenchment ~ Ingemar Elander, Maarten Davelaar and Andrés Walliser; Radical faith praxis? Exploring the changing theological landscape of christian faith-motivation ~ Paul Cloke, Samuel Thomas and Andrew Williams; Ethical citizenship? Faith-based volunteers and the ethics of providing services for homeless people ~ Paul Cloke, Sarah Johnsen and Jon May; Part two: Sectoral studies: Changing Policies: how faith based organisations participate in poverty policies ~ Danielle Dierckx, Jan Vranken and Ingemar Elander; Moralising the poor? Faith-Based Organisations, Big Society and contemporary workfare policy ~ Andrew Williams; A shelter from the storm: FBOs and provision of relief for the homeless ~ Maarten Davelaar and Wendy Kerstens; Turkish Islamic organizations: A comparative study in Germany, The Netherlands and Turkey ~ Jürgen Friedrichs, Jennifer Klöckner, Mustafa Şen and Nynke DeWitte; Convictional Communities ~ Samuel Thomas; Conclusion: The FBO phenomenon ~ Paul Cloke and Justin Beaumont.