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Human Growth and Development in Children and Young People

Theoretical and Practice Perspectives

Edited by Jonathan Parker and Sara Ashencaen Crabtree


20 May 2020

Page count

352 pages




240 x 172 mm


Policy Press
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20 May 2020

Page count

352 pages





Policy Press
£24.99 £19.99You save £5.00 (20%)
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  • Human Growth and Development in Children and Young People

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    Unparalleled in its coverage of concepts and themes, this textbook uses insights from across sociology, psychology, criminology and other areas of expertise to show how children and young people negotiate crucial challenges and transitions in their lives.

    It considers a wide range of theories, issues and practice dimensions and clearly shows how they connect, with fresh insights on topics including mental health, bereavement and disability in children. Foregrounding cultural diversity as a crucial dimension of sensitive practice and placing an emphasis on thinking critically and practicing reflectively throughout, this book also:

    •Includes helpful chapter introductions, summaries and annotated further readings

    •Features a range of case studies, linking theory to practice

    •Provides active learning exercises, enabling you to apply and consolidate learning

    With a partner volume that addresses human growth and development in adults, this is an invaluable tool for students as well as a useful refresher resource for experienced practitioners.

    "A well-informed book that presents complex ideas and theories in an accessible way for social work students, promoting clear links between theories and their application to practice." Eleni Skoura-Kirk, University of Kent

    "Infused with pedagogical tools of case studies, reflection points, and reflective questions, this text ensures readers are able to apply the material to real-life situations and explore the relevance to the reader’s own practice." Barbra Teater, City University of New York

    Jonathan Parker is Professor of Society and Social Welfare at Bournemouth University.

    Sara Ashencaen Crabtree is Professor of Social and Cultural Diversity at Bournemouth University.

    Part 1: Theories and models of children and young people’s growth and development;

    Biological/physical development and the growth of neuroscience;

    Psychoanalytic theories – Prof Andrew Cooper, Tavistock;

    Social learning theories & cognitive development – Justine Howard, Swansea;

    Moral, spiritual and existential development – Prof Wilf McSherry, Staffordshire Uni;

    Emotions and the importance of personality in development and change – Dr Neil Thompson;

    Critical perspectives on human growth and development – Prof Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth;

    Part 2: Specific developmental issues;

    Attachment and bonding – Dr Gabrielle Schaeffer, Bremen;

    Nursery, education, play and schooling – Dr Jo Blanden/Prof Rachel Brookes, Surrey;

    Families, substitutes and friends – relationship development – Prof Gillian Ruch, Sussex University;

    Lifecourse criminology – Dr John Martyn Chamberlain, Southampton;

    Health and Disability – Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill, Bournemouth;

    Loss and bereavement – Rodie Akerman and June Statham, Thomas Coram Foundation/IoE London;

    Negotiating transitions: culture and coming of age – Professor Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Bournemouth;

    Part 3: Professional Practice;

    Human service professional work with children and young people with disabilities – Dr Sid Carter, Bournemouth;

    Mental health and ill-health in children and young people – Prof Martin Webber, York;

    Children and young people at risk of abuse and neglect – Prof Harry Ferguson, Nottingham;

    Working with unaccompanied minors – Prof Ravi Kohli, Bedfordshire;

    Substitute care: Moving into a new family – Professor Gillian Schofield, UEA;

    Conclusion – JP/SAC.