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Evidence for Action

The collection of articles below is to mark the APPAM 2018 Fall Research Conference on the theme 'Evidence for Action: Encouraging innovation and improvement'.

The articles are from the journals Evidence & Policy and Policy & Politics which offer free trials to libraries. Please recommend the journals to your library to gain regular access to content from these journals.

Evidence & Policy

Generating 'good enough' evidence for co-production
Durose, Catherine; Needham, Catherine; Mangan, Catherine; Rees, James

Guidance for organisational strategy on knowledge to action from conceptual frameworks and practice
Willis, Cameron; Riley, Barbara; Lewis, Mary; Stockton, Lisa; Yessis, Jennifer

Academic perspectives and experiences of knowledge translation: a qualitative study of public health researchers
Collie, Alex; Zardo, Pauline; McKenzie, Donna Margaret; Ellis, Niki

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy
Fafard, Patrick; Hoffman, Steven J

Everyday stories of impact: interpreting knowledge exchange in the contemporary university
Matthews, Peter; Rutherfoord, Robert; Connelly, Steve; Richardson, Liz; Durose, Catherine; Vanderhoven, Dave

Building capacity for evidence-informed decision making: an example from South Africa
Stewart, Ruth; Langer, Laurenz; Wildeman, Russell; Erasmus, Yvonne; Maluwa, Louis Gerald; Jordaan, Sunet; Lötter, Desyreé; Mitchell, Janine; Motha, Precious

Policy & Politics

Can experience be evidence? Craft knowledge and evidence-based policing 
Fleming, Jenny; Rhodes, Rod 

British educational trajectories from school to university: evaluating quantitative evidence in policy formulation and justification
Johnston, Ron; Manley, David; Jones, Kelvyn; Hoare, Anthony; Harris, Richard 

Global evidence in local debates: the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in Swiss direct-democratic debates on school policy
Schlaufer, Caroline 

Evidence translation: an exploration of policy makers' use of evidence
Ingold, Jo; Monaghan, Mark 

Is it time to give up on evidence-based policy? Four answers
French, Richard 

The impact of management consultants on public service efficiency
Kirkpatrick, Ian; Sturdy, Andrew J.; Reguera Alvarado, Nuria; Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Veronesi, Gianluca 

Studying public deliberation after the systemic turn: the crucial role for interpretive research
Ercan, Selen A.; Hendriks, Carolyn M.; Boswell, John