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Thriving and surviving at work

Disabled people's employment strategies

By Alan Roulstone, Lorraine Gradwell, Jeni Price and Lesley Child


Jul 28, 2003

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Policy Press
Thriving and surviving at work

To date, studies of disabled people and employment have mainly focused on barriers to gaining and maintaining employment. This report breaks new ground in asking: how do those disabled people who are already in work get and keep paid work?

Written in an accessible style, the report:

· details the strategies disabled people use to thrive and survive at work;

· exposes the employment difficulties disabled people face in work environments designed by and for non-disabled people;

· looks at the policy context in which disabled people maintain paid work;

· draws on the experiences related by disabled people themselves;

· frames questions in terms of the issues that are important to disabled workers.

Alan Roulstone is currently Reader in Disability Policy in the School of Health, Natural and Social Sciences, University of Sunderland. He has published widely on disability, employment and social exclusion issues.

Lorraine Gradwell is Chief Executive of Breakthrough UK Ltd, Manchester, a leading-edge social model organisation offering employment and independent living skills to disabled people. Lorraine is an active member of the UK Disabled People's Movement.

Jeni Price is founder of Equality Associates, Hove, a training and consultancy organisation specialising in disability equality issues.

Lesley Child is an experienced freelance Disability Equality Trainer, based in the West Midlands, and has very strong links with the UK Disabled People's Movement.

Contents: Background and context; Disabled workers' employment strategies; Support and disabled workers; Lessons for stakeholders; Conclusions and implications for policy and practice.