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Promoting children's wellbeing

Policy and practice

Edited by Janet Collins and Pam Foley


Apr 2, 2008

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312 pages

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Policy Press
Promoting children's wellbeing

'Promoting children's wellbeing' examines the wide-ranging and growing number of policies and practices which are intended to contribute to children's wellbeing. Topics include the development of children's identities, the value of play in the lives of contemporary children, the promotion of children's health, risk and staying safe, and family law.

The contributors draw upon research and practice to analyse and examine the policies, services and practice skills needed for collaborative, effective and equitable work with children.

It will be important reading for students, practitioners and academics working in a wide range of children's services across the UK.

"Designed as a teaching text, this collection will amke an excellent resource for both students and practitioners." Bill Bell in Children and Young People Now

"This book is a thought-provoking and accessible exploration of children's well-being. It is genuinely enjoyable to read and should encourage any reader to examine their own understanding and practice." Sarah Lewis, Children & Society

"...a useful and relevant addition to the bookshelves...." Social Work

"We owe it to ourselves and our children to take this book, study it, debate, argue with it, but above all learn from it. This book allows us to consider the whole child and challenges us to communicate in a meaningful way so that the wellbeing of the child is secured. If you think that caring for a child is 'child's play', you may be nearer than you think to understanding and respecting the child's world." Glo Potter, foster carer

"Stimulating and informative, ably capturing the complexity and challenges facing Children's Services; valuable reading for all child related practitioners. A book that requires us to reflect, discuss, and review how we can do things better." Jane March-McDonald, SWAP, June 2008

"The child-centric nature of this text is excellent." Maddie Burton, University of Worcester.

"The book supports students' undertsanding of how safeguarding practice fits within the legal framework." Amanda Crow, University of Huddersfield.

Janet Collins is a Senior Lecturer in the Open University's Faculty of Education and Language Studies. Her research focuses on the social, emotional and educational needs of children in primary schools.

Pam Foley is a Senior Lecturer in the Open University's Faculty of Health and Social Care. She researches and writes in the fields of children's health care policy and practice and children's emotional and social development

Children and identity ~ Victoria Cooper and Janet Collins; Children negotiating identities ~ Susan Johnstone-Wilder and Janet Collins; Health matters ~ Pam Foley; Play matters ~ Doug Springate and Pam Foley; Anxieties and risks ~ Mark Gladwin and Janet Collins; Staying safe ~ James Blewett and Pam Foley; Children, families and the law ~ Michael Isles.