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Social Policy Review 13

Developments and debates: 2000-2001

Edited by Robert Sykes, Catherine Bochel and Nick Ellison


Jul 25, 2001

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308 pages

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Policy Press
Social Policy Review 13

Social Policy Review is an annual selection of commissioned articles focusing on developments and debates in social policy in the UK, Europe and internationally. The Review has become recognised as a topical, accessible, well-written and affordable publication and has a substantial readership among social policy teachers, students, researchers and policy makers.

Social Policy Review 13 continues the tradition of providing a different style and approach to policy issues from that found in most academic journals and books. Chapters have been purposely chosen to review a varied and interesting selection of social policy developments in Britain and internationally, and to set current policy developments in a broader context of key trends and debates.

"An invaluable resource for both teaching and research." BSA Network

"Social Policy Review keeps us reliably informed about the latest

policy developments and literature in the UK and beyond. With the UK

situated at the interface between North America and Europe, it provides

an important common ground for discussing social policy

internationally." Stephan Leibfried, Centre for Social Policy Research,

Bremen University, Germany

"... an invaluable resource for both teaching and research. It not only keeps the social policy community up to date with a range of developments in UK social policy, but it also gives us a flavour of wider international, cross-national and conceptual debates." Ruth Lister, Department of Social Sciences, University of Loughborough

Robert Sykes is Principal Lecturer in Social Policy in the School of Social Sciences and Law, Sheffield Hallam University,

Catherine Bochel is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the Department of Policy Studies, University of Lincolnshire and Humberside

Nick Ellison is Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of


The year in social policy ~ Rob Sykes, Catherine Bochel and Nick Ellison; Part One: UK developments: Couples and their money: theory and practice in personal finances ~ Jan Pahl; Playing the game of partnership ~ Martin Powell, Mark Exworthy and Lee Berney; Etzioni's spirit of communitarianism: community values and welfare realities in Blair's Britain ~ Emma Heron; Researching consensual 'sadomasochism': perspectives on power, rights and responsibilities - the case of 'disability' ~ Andrea Beckmann; Part Two: International developments: Global perspectives on the market reform of social security: protecting the public interest in perpetuity ~ John Dixon; Copenhagen +5: what should be done about the transition in Eastern Europe? ~ Nick Manning; Politics and its impact on social policy in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China ~ Christian Aspalter; The male part-time worker and the welfare state: minor problem or major challenge? ~ Zoë Irving; Part Three: Historical and conceptual developments: New communication technologies - connected welfare: new media and social policy ~ Paul Nixon and Leigh Keeble; Dis/counting the future ~ Tony Fitzpatrick; New Labour, human nature and welfare reform ~ Martin Hewitt; Through a lens darkly: sexuality and the 1834 New Poor Law ~ Jean Carabine.