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Social Policy Review 31

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2019

Edited by Elke Heins, James Rees and Catherine Needham


Jul 22, 2019

Page count

292 pages

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Social Policy Review




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Policy Press
Social Policy Review 31

Bringing together the voices of leading experts in the field, this edition offers an up-to-date and diverse review of the best in social policy scholarship over the past year.

The book considers a range of current issues and critical debates in UK and international social policy field. It contains vital research, including discussions on the changing landscape of occupational as well as corporate welfare in the UK, the continuing impact of austerity on various social policy areas and the challenges currently faced by the NHS.

Published in association with the SPA, this comprehensive analysis of the current state of social policy will be of interest to students and academics in social policy, social welfare and related disciplines.

Elke Heins is Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. Her research mainly focuses on comparative and European social policy as well as the politics of welfare and wellbeing in the UK.

James Rees is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership in The Open University Business School. His research focuses on the third sector, public service delivery and reform, as well as leadership, governance and citizen involvement.

Catherine Needham is Professor of Public Policy and Public Management in the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham. Her research focuses on new approaches to public service workforce development, as well as social care and policy innovation.

Part One: A decade of social policy since the crisis – looking back and forward ~ Elke Heins

The English National Health Service in a cold climate: a decade of austerity ~ Martin Powell

Disability and austerity: the perfect storm of attacks on social rights ~ Kirstein Rummery

Financialisation and social protection? The UK’s path towards a socially protective public–private pension system ~ Paul Bridgen

Towards a whole-economy approach to the welfare state: citizens, corporations and the state within the broad welfare mix ~ Kevin Farnsworth

From welfare state to participation society: austerity, ideology or rhetoric? ~ Menno Fenger and Babs Broekema

Part Two: Developments in social policy and contributions from the Social Policy Association Conference 2018 ~ James Rees and Catherine Needham

From the Windrush Generation to the ‘Air Jamaica generation’: local authority support for families with no recourse to public funds ~ Andy Jolly

Alt-Right ‘cultural purity’, ideology and mainstream social policy discourse: towards a political anthropology of ‘mainstremeist’ ideology ~ Julia Lux and John David Jordan

The moving frontier and beyond: the third sector and social policy ~ Rob Macmillan and Jeremy Kendall

Local variations in implementing energy-efficiency policy: how third sector organisations influenced cities’ responses to the Green Deal ~ Rebecca Ince

Is the ‘lump of labour’ a self-evident fallacy? The case of Great Britain ~ Jacques Wels and John Macnicol

Family as a socio-economic actor in the political economy of welfare ~ Theodoros Papadopoulos and Antonios Roumpakis