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Social Policy Review 30

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2018

Edited by Catherine Needham, Elke Heins and James Rees


Jul 4, 2018

Page count

280 pages

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Social Policy Review




216 x 138 mm


Policy Press
Social Policy Review 30

This edition brings together specially commissioned reviews of key areas of social policy and considers a range of current issues within the field.

The book contains invaluable research, including discussions on modern slavery, childcare and social justice and welfare chauvinism, as well as a chapter centred on the Grenfell Tower fire. Bringing together the insights of a diverse group of experts in social policy, this book examines critical debates in the field in order to offer an informed review of the best in social policy scholarship over the past year.

Published in association with the SPA, the volume will be of interest to students and academics in social policy, social welfare and related disciplines.

Part 1: Developments in Social Policy ~ edited by Catherine Needham;

Grenfell foretold: a very neoliberal tragedy ~ Stuart Hodkinson;

Modern slavery in the United Kingdom: an incoherent response ~ Gary Craig;

Childcare, life chances and social justice ~ Gideon Calder;

Outcomes-based approaches and the devolved administrations ~ Derek Birrell and Ann Marie Gray;

Part 2: Contributions from the Social Policy Association Conference 2017 ~ edited by Elke Heins;

Fiscal welfare and its contribution to inequality ~ Adrian Sinfield;

`Good solid Conservatism’: Theresa May’s ‘doctrine’ and her approach to the welfare state’ ~ Robert Page;

Making markets in employment support: does the variety of quasi-market matter for people with disabilities and health conditions? ~ Eleanor Carter;

Social policy and populism: welfare nationalism as the new narrative of social citizenship ~ Markus Ketola and Johan Nordensvard;

What is impact? Learning from examples across the professional life-course ~ Tina Haux;

Part 3: Excavating social policy lessons from the New Labour era ~ edited by James Rees;

Regeneration redux? What (if anything) can we learn from New Labour? ~ Ruth Lupton and Richard Crisp;

Back to the future of community cohesion? Learning from New Labour ~ Matthew Donoghue;

Learning from New Labour’s approach to the NHS ~ Ian Greener;

New Labour and adolescent social exclusion: a retrospective ~ Rikki Dean and

Moira Wallace.