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Social Policy Review 32

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2020

By James Rees, Marco Pomati and Elke Heins


Jul 8, 2020

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316 pages

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Policy Press
Social Policy Review 32

Leading experts in the field present an up-to-date and diverse review of the best in social policy scholarship over the past year.

This volume considers current issues and critical debates in the UK and the international social policy field. It contains vital research on race in social policy higher education and analyses how welfare states and policies address the economic and social hardship of young people. The contributors also consider the impacts of austerity on the welfare state, homelessness, libraries and other social policy areas.

Published in association with the Social Policy Association, this comprehensive volume will be of interest to students and academics in social policy, social welfare and related disciplines.

“Published in association with the SPA, the SPR brings together expert voices on crucial and current social policy issues and remains an excellent read for academics and students.” Karen Rowlingson, University of Birmingham

James Rees is Reader and Deputy Director at the Institute for Community Research and Development at the University of Wolverhampton.

Marco Pomati is Lecturer in Social Sciences and Research Methods at Cardiff University.

Elke Heins is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh.

Part I: Race, Racism and Social Policy ~ James Rees

Race and Social Policy: Challenges and Obstacles ~ Nasar Meer

‘Race’: the Missing Dimension in Social Policy Higher Education? ~ Bankole Cole, Gary Craig and Nasreen Ali

Young People as Cultural Critics of the Monocultural Landscapes that Fail them ~ Rick Bowler and Amina Razak

Returnees: Unwanted Citizens or Cherished Countrymen ~ Bozena Sojka and Maarja Saar

Part II: Social Policy and Young People ~ Elke Heins

The Family Welfare Source and Inequality in Liberal Welfare States: Evidence from Cohort Studies ~ Sarah Weakley

Economic Hardship in Young Adulthood: A Cause for Concern or a Matter of Course while Settling into the Swedish Labour Market? ~ Anna Kahlmeter

Cultural Education and the Good Citizen: A Systematic Analysis of a Neo-Liberal Communitarian Policy Trend ~ Katherine Tonkiss, Eleni Stamou and Malgorzata Wootton

How Geographical and Ideological Proximity Impact Community Youth Justice (In)accessibility in England and Wales ~ Sarah Brooks Wilson

Part III: Austerity ~ Marco Pomati

After a Decade of Austerity, Does the UK Have an Income Safety Net Worth its Name? ~ Donald Hirsch

A New Page? The Public Library in Austerity ~ Emma Davidson

No Way Home: the Challenges of Exiting Homelessness in Austere Times ~ Christina Carmichael

‘Everywhere and Nowhere’: Interventions and Services under Austerity ~ Stephen Crossley