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Transforming Care conference 2021 journal highlights and free articles

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International Journal of Care and Caring

This multidisciplinary journal publishes high quality contributions on care, caring and carers from all regions of the world. The International Journal of Care and Caring has a broad focus, covering care and caring for people of any age who have long-term conditions, disabilities or frailties, or who are seriously ill or near the end of life.

We have created a collection of free articles which explore the conference’s themes. The Transforming Care collection is free to read until 30 June.

Highlights include:

‘Personalised risk’ in paid care work and the impacts of ‘gig economy’ care platforms and other market-based organisations
Fiona Macdonald

The costs of unpaid care: is there an education gradient in women’s time transfers to their parents?
Melody K. Waring

Capabilities in care for older adults in Finnish familialistic policy transformations: a longitudinal, one-case study
Sarah Åkerman et al.

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If you enjoyed these articles you might also be interested in our free sample issue which explores home care for older adults, care practices by mothers with disabilities, dementia service provision and much more.

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Don’t forget to take a look at our Editors’ Choice collection. Read our editors’ favourite articles from recent issues for free until 31 July.

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Call for Special Issue Proposals

Deadline: 27 August 2021

The editors are seeking special issue proposals that bring together research and develop a specific debate or topic on a theme relevant to the scope of IJCC. The special issue can include articles presenting theoretical, conceptual and/or empirical material. Your proposal can be internationally comparative or focus on one specific region of the world.

Want to learn more? Read the call for special issues for more details and instructions on how to prepare your proposalSubmissions close on 27 August 2021.

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How can we re-imagine society in an era of climate change, pandemic, hunger, poverty and other pressing global societal challenges? Significant threats and dangers lie ahead of us, but so do opportunities. The new Global Social Challenges Journal, fully open access and not for profit, aims to facilitate thinking about these positive new trajectories and become the journal of choice to address the complexities of global social challenges across disciplines. 

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Evidence & Policy 

Evidence & Policy is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to comprehensive and critical assessment of the relationship between researchers and the evidence they produce and the concerns of policy makers and practitioners. International in scope and interdisciplinary in focus, it addresses the needs of those who develop public policies, provide public services, or provide the research base for evaluation and development across a wide range of social and public policy issues (such as employment and welfare, health, and social care), and those who are working to connect the two.

Highlights from the journal include:

The special issue: The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice, including

 Using evidence in shaping disability policy in Romania: the case of sheltered workshops [Free]
Claudia Petrescu and Mihaela Lambru

Ignoring evidence, producing inequities: public policies, disability and the case of Kaiowá and Guarani Indigenous children with disabilities in Brazil [Free]
Rayanne de Sales Lima, Andréa Borghi Moreira Jacinto, and Rodrigo Arthuso Arantes Faria 

Why is lived experience important for market stewardship? A proposed framework for why and how lived experience should be included in stewarding disability markets [Free]
Ariella Meltzer et al. 

The Editors’ Choice collection (free until 31 July)

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Critical and Radical Social Work

Critical and Radical Social Work promotes debate and scholarship around a range of engaged social work themes. The journal analyses and responds to issues, such as the impact of global neo-liberalism on social welfare; austerity and social work; and much more. Highlights from the journal include: 

The new special issue: Radical Social Work in Latin America

The free sample issue: Revolutionary social work: Promoting sustainable justice (free until 31 December)

The Editors’ Choice collection (free until 31 July)

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Families, Relationships and Societies

Families, Relationships and Societies explores family life, relationships and generational issues across the life course. This journal brings together a range of social science perspectives, with a strong focus on policy and practice, informed by sociological theory and the latest methodological approaches.

From our free sample issue

Neither a professional nor a friend': the liminal spaces of parents and volunteers in family support [Open Access]
Jenny Fisher et al.

From genograms to peer group mapping: introducing peer relationships into social work assessment and intervention
Carlene Firmin

Reflecting on boundaries and the use of self in professional relationships: insights from social pedagogy
Autumn Roesch-Marsh

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