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Foundation for International Studies on Social Security/East Asian Social Policy Research Network Conference virtual stand

Welcome to our Foundation for International Studies on Social Security/East Asian Social Policy Research Network Conference virtual stand.

We have created this virtual space so that we can connect with everyone attending the conference.

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Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice provides an internationally unique forum for leading research on the themes of poverty and social justice. Focusing on poverty and social exclusion, the journal explores links with social security (including pensions and tax credits), employment, area regeneration, housing, health, education and criminal justice, as well as issues of ethnicity, gender, disability, and other social inequalities as they relate to social justice.

The Journal encompasses an original and exciting mix of scholarly research articles and lively policy- and practice-oriented discussions of topical questions.

FISS Best Paper Prize

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice is pleased to sponsor the annual Best Paper Prize of the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS). The 2021 winner will be announced at this year’s conference.

The prize is awarded to the best, previously unpublished, contributed paper presented at each year’s FISS conference. Find out more here.

2019 Winner
Timing it right or timing it wrong: How should income-tested benefits deal with changes in circumstances? 
Jane Millar and Peter Whiteford

2018 Winner
Extreme child poverty and the role of social policy in the United States
Zachary Parolin and David Brady

Special JPSJ Article Collection

Enjoy this special FISS/EASP collection of JPSJ articles (free until 4 August 2021):

‘We are constantly overdrawn, despite not spending money on anything other than bills and food’: a mixed-methods, participatory study of food and food insecurity in the context of income inequality (Open Access)
Authors: Pybus, Katie; Power, Madeleine; Pickett, Kate E.

The impact of precarious employment on the health and wellbeing of UK immigrants: a systematic review
Authors: Muoka, Michael Obinna; Lhussier, Monique

The overlap between income poverty and material deprivation: sensitivity evidence for Australia
Authors: Saunders, Peter; Naidoo, Yuvisthi

‘It may not be due to illness’: social rights for applicants for incapacity benefits
Authors: Arlesten, Sara; Ulmestig, Rickard

The topology of welfare‐migration‐asylum: Britain’s outsiders inside
Author: Morris, Lydia D.

For better or for worse: does the UK means-tested social security system encourage partnership dissolution?
Author: Griffiths, Rita

Governmentality and neoliberalism: a study of media discourse on poverty in Hong Kong
Author: Lo, Wai Han

Read the JSPJ free sample issue here: Volume 27, Number 3, October 2019 (free until 31 December 2021). 

You might also enjoy free access to our collection of Highly Cited articles (free until 31 August 2021)

Submit Your Article

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice welcomes submissions from those working in these areas across the globe. All research articles are peer-reviewed.

Contact the Editors, Rod Hick and Gill Main to discuss your article. Further information is available about the Journal’s aims and scope.

Submit your article here.


If you enjoyed the free articles, please recommend the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice to your librarian. Ask them to subscribe or sign up for a free trial.

FISS and EASP members can get a discounted personal print subscription from just £43.00. To take advantage of this offer, please contact custserv@turpin-distribution.com quoting the journal and your membership number. 

More information on subscription rates are available here.

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Policy & Politics 

Special issue: Strategic management of the transition to public sector co-creation
Virtual Virtual issue on Central-local relations (free until 9 July)
Highlights collection (free until 31 July)
Highly Cited Article collection (free until 31 August 2021)

You may particularly enjoy these articles:
The limits to the internationalisation of regulation: divergent enforcement strategies in China’s food safety regulation (free)

Legitimising a radical policy idea: framing basic income as a boost to labour market activity
Johanna Perkiö

Mega-events and regional identities: the 2010 Asian Games language controversy [Open Access]
Zhonghua Gu, Bart Wissink and Yuan Hu

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Evidence & Policy

Special issue: The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice (free until 7th July)
Highly Cited Article collection (free until 31 August 2021)

You may particularly enjoy this article:
Evidence, objectivity and welfare reform: a qualitative study of disability benefit assessments
Tom Porter, Charlotte Pearson, and Nick Watson

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Research in Comparative and Global Social Policy book series

Series Editors: Heejung Chung, University of Kent, UK, Alexandra Kaasch, University of Bielefeld, Germany, and Stefan Kühner, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

Published in association with the Social Policy Association.

In a world that is rapidly changing, increasingly connected and uncertain, there is a need to develop a shared applied policy analysis of welfare regimes. Through a unique combination of comparative and global social perspectives, this series addresses broad questions around how nation states and transnational policy actors deal with globally shared challenges.

Use code POFISS21 at checkout for 50% discount on all books in the series (EPUB format only) until 4 July 2021. Browse the books, find out more about the series and submit a proposal.


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